3 Multidimensional Lip Looks Inspired by Our Favorite Metals

Image copyright: Beautylish

Fact: Multidimensional lips are in. With muted neutrals and natural nudes taking a back seat to disco-worthy glitter and megawatt metallics, we’re game to put just about any color or finish on our lips—the bolder, the better.

Here’s another fact: Jouer Cosmetics just released a limited edition collection, and if you’re into mesmerizing metallic lips, it should be right up your alley. Along with highlighters and an eye shadow palette, the Skinny Dip Collection includes warm, luminous shades of the brand’s cult-favorite Long-Wear Lip Crème and Lip Topper. Lip Toppers are especially useful when whipping up unique lip looks—they layer easily over other colors, adding a hint of shimmer and a comfortable, glossy finish.

Considering our love for a good molten-metallic lip, we had to take these shades for a test drive. Keep reading to see how we designed three multidimensional lip looks, inspired by our favorite metals.

You’ll need:

  • Long-Wear Lip Crème in Pamplemousse (warm gold with a metallic finish)
  • Lip Topper in St. Tropez, (limited edition peachy pink with a shimmer finish)
  • Lip Topper in Skinny Dip, (sheer golden nude with a shimmer finish)
  • Lip Topper in Tanlines, (metallic bronze with a shimmer finish)


Shimmering Rose Gold

Long-Wear Lip Crème in Pamplemousse + Lip Topper in St. Tropez


Palest Copper

Long-Wear Lip Crème in Pamplemousse + Lip Topper in Skinny Dip

Antique Bronze

Long-Wear Lip Crème in Pamplemousse + Lip Topper in Tanlines

Source: www.beautylish.com


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