Sweaty Clogged Pores

I always joke that the natural shine I get from my oily skin is better than any highlighter. The only problem is that having overactive oil glands leads to clogged pores, which doesn’t just make them look engorged, but can also lead to breakouts.

This is especially true during the summer when I get sweaty from just taking a few steps out of my apartment. The excess moisture, combined with dirt and my already oily skin, means I got through a bottle of my go-to spot treatment way more quickly than usual.

In attempt to keep my pores decongested, and in turn, my oily acne-prone skin clear, I tried incorporating specific pore-fighting products into my usual skincare routine. Whether I only have time to use toner, or I’m staying in on a Saturday night so I can be do a full-blown skincare routine, there are some great pore-focused options on the market. Keep scrolling for six products that’ll keep sweaty, clogged pores clear for the rest of the summer.