Here's The Finished Look | Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Our favorite antiheroine in the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is often associated as the frequent accomplice to Joker. However, she can definitely stand out on her own. She knows how to stand her ground and she knows what she wants and how to get it. Now those are traits I’m sure every woman has, they just have to channel their inner superhero.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman | Amazing Female Superhero Makeup Tutorials
image via Shonagh Scott

This video makeup tutorial is by Shonagh Scott. It makes us feel all the amazing powers of Princess Diana of Themyscira A.K.A Diana Prince A.K.A Wonder Woman. Created in the comic art style featuring details that highlight the wonderful bone structure of our favorite female superhero.



Gamore | Superhero Makeup
image via Melania Yaneva

Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos appearing in the Marvel Comics Universe. She has super strength and has accelerated healing powers. She is the green-skinned alien crew of Guardians of The Galaxy in the movie. She is a fictional character with all the independent woman sass of today. Watch the awesome tutorial of Melania Yaneva here.



Mystique | Superhero Makeup
image via Madeyewlook

Raven Darkholme has always been considered as a villain in the Marvel Comic book. She is a popular foe to the X-men team. However, in the movie adaptation, she has been portrayed as a wild-card character, most of the time helping save the world. Check out this cool Mystique transformation video by Madeyewlook.



Catwoman |Superhero Makeup
image via Fresh Blush

Selina Kyle is probably the most famous Catwoman in all of comic book history. She was originally depicted as a villain. However, her story arc has evolved to be an antiheroine and Batman’s love interest. Her confidence as a woman and as a female character has definitely grown in the hearts of many girls. Check out this Catwoman makeup transformation tutorial by FreshBlush.


Jean Grey

Jean Grey | Superhero Makeup
image via Jade Madden

Another character worthy of mention is the beautiful Jean Grey. In this video tutorial by Jade Madden she had chosen to interpret Phoenix, Jean Grey’s alter ego. A powerful being with unlimited potential.