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After a special research made by me, I found out that most of the hairdressers are trying to satisfy the clients by doing their hairstyle as they want and just by showing them a photo.

One of the celebrities photo that is mostly shown is Ashlee Simpson’s photos and they quite show a good choice of hairstyle.

Ashlee Simpson - I think this would be the exact red that I'd aim for if I dyed my hair red again. Hopefully, it would actually turn this color, not a dark burgundy :/ By her photos we can see a great story that represents her life and character.

She’s bleached her hair Debbie Harry-blonde, dyed it black to look like Karen O’s, and taken inspiration from Karen Elson when going red. She’s embraced the ombré, the pixie cut, choppy bangs, and peroxide mermaid waves. She’s even picked up skills along the way; “my hairstylist, Jenny Cho, we would color each other’s hair,” Simpson-Ross says proudly.

Ashlee Simpson love this haircut!

She has tried almost every color. She has done everything 🙂 By changing the hair color she has gone through different phases in her life and at the same time she was trying things out. By changing hair color she made her life fun and at the same time she was take a new personality on.


At present, her children are copy cats. They carry on the tradition of their mother and trying some new hair color changes. Her son Bronx now has a blue hair and her daughter Ross prefers Elsa braids,

Being a famous person means that your photos are more accessible on the Internet and sometimes critics can be positive and also negative.

Following we are showing some hair style changes of Ashlee Simpson.


If I wasn't super sick of my bangs...and growing them out I would do this

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In this year she is famous for the colorful hair extensions and sometimes she is asking herself what was she thinking back then 🙂






“That’s definitely 7th Heaven Cecilia days,” says Simpson of her stint on the show, her first major screen gig. “I had that fringe bang going on the whole time. I like a bang — but now, I just get bangs from breaking my hair. I kind of always liked a little edgy rock and roll, so I  think at that time I was probably looking at a Debbie Harry, like, ‘OK, I want this.’ But now, I look at this hairstyle and I want to put my hands in there and mess it up!”


Ashlee Simpson's - long hair


This years represents rebelion of Ashlee. She made something different. She darken her hair by herself at home and later she went to the saloon  to have it darker.






After the L O V E VIDEO she made huge change of the hair color. SHe had the thing for Gwen Stefani’s hair and she bleached her. She needed 2 weeks to get used to it and later she become one with her hair.






She does not prefer this picture. She does not even like her make up here. On this picture she usually has a good laugh at. The extensions are the reason for a good laugh at. She liked long hair but the number of hair extensions at that time are bad 🙂




Sleek and straight in a rich red color with a long side-swept fringe,


This was a Karen Elson moment. She looked really cool. Red is her true color. This was the best different moment in her life.




short hair


The short period!!! She was cute pixie!!! She looked like a little boy 🙂 BUt still it was fun period. A shorter hair brought a more girlier dress, big earrings – real cutie


Image detail for -Prom hairstyle - Ashlee Simpson-Wentz - Ashlee Simpson-Wentz




Ombre period. Chocolate ombre suit her well as the red period.



2018 Billboard Music Awards


Drop dead gorgeous!!!! Her new period is perfect. Not too long, not too short. This is her. Her hair looks easy. One word = PERFECT.