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Maybe it’s the summer heat going to our heads, but we’ve been opting for easy, unfussy makeup lately. Don’t get us wrong—we’re still all for elaborate full-face looks that take an entire arsenal of products to create. But sometimes simple, slap-on-and-go makeup is exactly what we need. Enter monochromatic makeup, a technique that calls for one flattering shade for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Not only is color-coordinated makeup having a big moment right now, it’s also incredibly easy: just apply a single shade to your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

In the video tutorial above, NYC-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis creates an easy, monochromatic makeup look based on one pretty shade of pink. Kjaer Weis uses Cream Blush from her all-natural makeup line, which we love for its dewy finish and effortlessly blendable texture, but you can use any multipurpose hue in your makeup bag as long as it’s eye- and lip-safe. Check out the video to see Kjaer Weis’s tips and tricks—and then try it yourself.