Step 1: Prevent Spills

Prevent Spills - Egyptian Nail Art Tutorial Perfect For The Goddess In You

After applying a base coat to strengthen and protect your nails, use some nude nail polish as your base color. When it dries, dab a liberal amount of liquid latex on the skin around your nails. This is to prevent any leaks when you start your Egyptian nail art. If you don’t have a liquid latex a white glue would suffice.


Step 2: Put On Striping Tapes

With the liquid latex in place, it’s time to attach your striping tapes. Place four of the tapes right next to each other horizontally. Place the first striping tape on the inner side of your nail edge.


Step 3: Apply Nail Polish

Now you can start dabbing on the accent colors of your Egyptian nail art. Dab on the gold polish in the gap between the third and fourth striping tape. Make sure to apply the polish in the spaces within the tape.

Now paint the black polish from the middle of the second and first tape until the edge of your nail. Don’t worry about the striping tape that you would have to paint over. When you peel it off, it will create a neat negative space nail design!


Step 4: Cleanup

Pull out the tape after applying your nail polish. You should have neat spaces on where you placed the tapes. If there are some spills, clean them up using the same color polish as your base.

Once you’re all done, peel off the liquid latex from around your nails.


Step 5: Apply Topcoat

 Apply Top Coat- Egyptian Nail Art Tutorial Perfect For The Goddess In You

Once you’re satisfied with your design, protect it with a top coat! This will help your manicure become more beautiful and last longer!


Get this gorgeous Egyptian nail art design now! Check out the full tutorial below.

Now you’re ready to turn heads with this Egyptian nail art gives a classy touch to your party outfit. You can also wear this during formal events and date nights!

You don’t have to stick to the specific design that I showed you either. Try experimenting on your own as well! Just don’t forget to include a gold accent. Share it in the comments section below, too, when you’re done!