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What You Need To Know

This is important! Especially for those who are just learning how to bleach hair at home. Bleaching is first and foremost a chemical reaction, so let’s talk a little bit about the science behind it. Bleaching is the process of removing pigment from the hair, lifting the colors to lighter levels, preferably blonde. Toning is the process of recoloring the hair to counteract harsh tones. After the bleaching process, what’s usually left on the hair is the warm pigments highly likely orange or yellow and this is what we are toning down. It’s all based on simple color theory, opposite colors neutralize each other. So, based on the color wheel, blue neutralizes orange, purple neutralizes yellow and this is why toners come in purple and blue.

Pre-Bleach Step

Pre-Bleach Step | How to Bleach Hair at Home | Makeup Tutorials Guide
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Condition the hair. Bleaching is a damaging process, it can literally melt hair and a lot of time it takes more than once to lighten the hair to the blonde you want. So be patient with it, in the mean time nourish your hair with protein and oil masks. I recommend you do this before you share this new found information on how to bleach hair at home.

Step 1: Prepare The Bleach

Prepare The Bleach | How to Bleach Hair at Home | Makeup Tutorials Guide
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There are various bleaching kits out in the market, but depending on your hair length, you might need more than one kit. You can also get a separate bleaching powder and developer to mix your own. Starting with 20-30 volume developer, mix about 3-4 parts on 1 scoop of bleach, adjust the mixture depending on your hair length and mix thoroughly until smooth and no clumps appear.

Part of preparing is doing a bleach test. Do this by getting a strip of hair, preferably from the back of your head to test how the bleach will react to your hair if you have long hair cover with foil and note the time it took to reach the level of blonde you desire.

Remember, bleaching is a damaging process so it’s best to keep one session to the minimum amount of time required.

Step 2: Time to Bleach!

Time to Bleach | How to Bleach Hair at Home | Makeup Tutorials Guide
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Section your hair into two, parting it in the middle. Clip one part to separate it from the other and start sectioning the loose part into five, starting with a part down to the ears. Using a hair dye brush, apply the bleach solution to hair covering the roots well starting with the section from the bottom, (optional) cover with foil and do the same to the other sections.

Bleaching Hair | How to Bleach Hair at Home | Makeup Tutorials Guide
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Try to do this as thorough but as fast as possible so the time difference per hair section isn’t too far apart that way you can rinse all the sections out at the same time. However, if it seems like a feat, just be sure to take note of the time for each section of hair.

Step 3: Rinse It Out

Rinse It Out | How to Bleach Hair at Home | Makeup Tutorials Guide
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If you’re using foil, check the inside every now and then to see whether the color has lifted to the level you desire, when it’s good enough, take out the foils and rinse them out with cold water and shampoo to help in the burning sensation on your scalp. Normally when bleaching from dark hair you will have orange tones left behind and that’s perfectly fine, please don’t rush to bleaching it again on the same day because it will damage your hair.

Step 4: Two Times The Charm

Two Times The Charm | How to Bleach Hair at Home | Makeup Tutorials Guide
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If you’re starting out with dark or brunette hair you may have to do the bleaching twice; in which case I recommend doing the second bleach a week after to give your hair time to recover. Condition hair with hair treatments to strengthen the strands and get them ready for another round. This is a necessary step in learning how to bleach hair at home.

Step 5: Tone It Down

Tone It Down | How to Bleach Hair at Home | Makeup Tutorials Guide
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Now, you probably have the desired blonde you wish to achieve but is still left with a little bit of yellow and orange tones to it. This is the time we apply the toner. Do this my mixing 1 part toner to 20 volume developer. Adjust the mixture depending on your hair length and cover your whole head with it. Let it sit for about 30-40 minutes then rinse and condition. For some reason, the toning process hurts a bit more than the bleaching process and if it gets too painful, rinse it out immediately than risking a chemical burn on your scalp. You can also use a purple shampoo to help tone down the brassiness.


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I hope you found this step by step instruction helpful and that it has inspired you to observe proper measures when bleaching hair at home because it’s a very real thing to accidentally melt your own hair and to also to care for your it.