Dry shampoo: a busy gal’s salvation in times of need – a.k.a. when our hair is hovering the thin line between being grossly unpresentable and totally fine for the public eye. No matter how often you use dry shampoo (be it one, two or a thousand times a day), it’s a staple in all of our lives that deserves all the love.

But if you’re new to the dry shampoo lifestyle, have no fear – it’s never too late to be seduced by this hair-saving necessity. If you’re a first timer, Mizani artist Donte Mitchell recommends spraying dry shampoo on your hair in the areas that are oiliest: “It doesn’t need to be sprayed directly into your hair, but should be more focused on your scalp and roots.”

“I spray dry shampoo on before styling to matte down the oil, then again after styling to add a little more texture and a good matte finish – as well as throughout the day, as needed, on the roots and scalp,” Mitchell continues.

There’s no doubt that a few sprays of oil-absorbing powder is a quick, easy and effective alternative for actually washing your hair in the shower, but the reality is that dry shampoo is not a one-size-fits-all product. Ahead, discover a guide to determining what kind of dry shampoo is best for your hair type.

 If you have fine hair…

Kérastase Volume in Powder

Look for a lightweight powder that adds texture and volume to give your hair an instant lift.

If you have flat hair…

Biolage Waterless Clean & Full Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo gives your hair instant lift and bounce so it looks twice as full.

If you have wavy or curly hair…

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam

Try a foam instead of a spray or powder to help reshape curls and freshen your roots.

If you have dark hair…

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Conditioning Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones

Choose a tinted spray to avoid the whitish cast that can make your hair look like you, well, doused your hair in dry shampoo.

If you have blonde hair…

Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo

Choose a product for light or blonde hair to avoid making your color look too flat and matte.

If you have color-treated hair…

Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo

Avoid products that contain harsh, color-stripping ingredients and choose products with sulfate-free, vegan formulas.

 If you have thick hair…

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

Leave this product in your hair for two minutes, and then brush out your hair to remove any residue and oils.

If you have a sensitive scalp…

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Try a formula with oats or other ingredients that are soothing and gentle.

If you have oily hair…

Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo

Look for a formula that clearly states that it’s oil-absorbing and texturizing to extend the life of your blowout between washes.

 If you have dry hair…

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Choose a moisturizing formula that contains oils to hydrate and strengthen your hair.

If you have sweaty hair…

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Fine, sweaty isn’t exactly a hair type, but this dry shampoo really does clean your hair like you hopped in the shower, washed it and dried it again.