Folks, If you haven’t noticed, the beauty industry is booming right now. Makeup tutorials are being uploaded left and right, the newest and greatest eye color pallets or contour kits get launched just to immediately fly off of the shelves, leaving makeup fanatics everywhere devastated if they weren’t one of the early birds who were fortunate enough to snag one up. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly a lover of makeup, and I love to spend that time in the morning getting all dolled up (truthfully, I have no choice but to love it, since I am a professional makeup artist and all, one must look the part to play it). However, there is really nothing quite like coming home after a long day of teaching women anywhere between the range of 13-93 how to apply mascara, waxing various body parts, and hiking around a dazzling sales floor in high heels all day long, just to exit myself from all of the glam, and TAKE. IT. OFF. Ready to learn my unready routine? Who else is with me?

My Unready Routine

As a licensed esthetician, it is not only my job but common sense AND self caring to practice what I preach. You know, growing up, my mother NEVER took her makeup off at night. She also didn’t have a skin care routine. Now, being a professional in that alley, we have fixed that problem (love you Mama!) and she is making me more and more proud every day.

It is not only imperative that we remove our makeup at night, but that we follow suit with fantastic products and habits to keep our skin in optimum condition. Not to mention, how else are you going to have impeccable makeup all day everyday? Our makeup is only as great as our skin. I say it again for the folks in the back, OUR MAKEUP IS ONLY AS GREAT AS OUR SKIN. Now that I’ve gotten that prelude out of the way, I thought I would share with you my routine that I perform every night to get un-ready for bedtime! (I will list all products I’ve used below as well with prices and where to buy).


While using cleansers are primary, the sole purpose of a cleanser is NOT to be a makeup remover. You will find that the efficacy of your cleanser will be so much stronger when you actually remove your makeup before cleansing….pre cleansing, if you will!

I like to start with my eyes. My ultimate favorite eye makeup mover that I have EVER used is the Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover by Merle Norman. First off, how cool does “dual action” sound right? What we have here is a liquid formula that not only flawlessly melts away eye makeup, but conditions your eyebrows and eyelashes promoting strength and assistance in growth. Now, I’m not saying this is going to make your brows and lashes grow, but it will hydrate and nurture them to PROMOTE growth. With that being said, this is an oil free product, which is a massive win for me. Before use, shake the product to combine the conditioner with the remover. Then, dampen a cotton pad (I will list my favorite brand of those below as well) to gently remove all eye and brow makeup. This product runs for $18.

Next, I love to use a wipe to remove all complexion and lip makeup. The ones that I prefer over all other brands out on the market are the Facial Cleansing Wipes by Merle Norman. The packaging as a click-sealed top to prevent the wipes from drying out. These are the most juicy and refreshing wipes, so you will never have to use more than one, and your product is truly removed from the skin and not just rubbed around. These are also phenomenal to use as a quick morning freshen up before following suit with makeup. Use one wipe to remove makeup all over hot face, neck, and lips before cleansing. This product runs for $18.


Using a cleanser is not only going to remove makeup embedded into pores, but it will remove all dirt, sebum, and sweat that has been built up throughout the day. The cleanser that I love to use at night is the Skin Refining Cleanser by Merle Norman. This cleanser contains the gradual texture of natural tagua nut seeds that not only cleanse, but gently lift away dead skin leaving minimizing the appearance of pores and leaving skin feel fresh and clean. Guys, I really, really adore this cleanser. Damp your skin with warm water and apply a pea sized amount into your hands and manipulate the cleanser into your skin. Then, rinse with warm water or washcloth. This product runs for $24.

My Unready Routine


So many of my clients ask me, “do I REALLY need to use a toner?” Um, yes. You absolutely do. Toners are some of the most wonderful and effective but at the same time overlooked and underestimated skincare products. So how exactly do we benefit from toners? Well the balance our skin’s pH levels, promote the efficacy of your products that follow suit, and can also further assist in makeup removal. My toner of choice is the AHA Toner for Normal to Dry Skin by Merle Norman. This toner has a small percentage of naturally derived Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help even out skin tones and lever exfoliation. This particular one is also very hydrating and free of any alcohols so it is not a harsh astringent. Dampen a cotton pad with apply all over the face and let it dry into the skin. This product runs for $18.


Now here’s the deal. If you have yet to invest in a great serum, once you’re done reading this post, I want to to go to any cosmetic counter, spa, or dermatologist office, and consult for a quality serum that will benefit you the most. Serums are the real deal! They are the most potent and concentrated products in our skin care regimen. They will make the biggest difference and be the greatest warrior for your skin. For me, my favorite and current nightly serum to date is the TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum by Drunk Elephant.

My Unready Routine

It makes your skin feel brand new after every use. This incredible product has 12% AHA and BHA acids, along with Glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids to help retexturize, even, and heal our skin while we rest. Folks, do NOT be afraid for essential acids. Our skin truly needs them. When used correctly and specifically to your skin type and concern, they will truly work miracles for you! Apply 1 pump onto the face, neck, and décolleté until completely absorbed. Use at night only. This product runs for $90.


I can’t say it enough…..hydration is key! It is crucial to find a great nighttime cream that is designed to work while we are at rest, to truly help heal and hydrate the skin. My favorite night cream is the Anti-Aging Complex Night Cream by Merle Norman. This clinically advanced and proven night cream has a triple peptide complex to help reverse the signs of aging and further prevent it. This buttery product leaves my skin supple and glowing for bed! Apply it to the face and neck at nighttime only. Thisproduct runs for $75.


Our under eye area is the most delicate area on our face. Be sure to invest in an eye cream that is specific to the under eye area and that is an expert in treating it. The BEST eye cream on the market is the Anti-Aging Complex Eye Cream by Merle Norman. Containing the same triple peptide complex as the night cream, this cream helps lifts, plumps, and maxi-hydrate the under eye area. I can genuinely say I have noticed such a difference on my under eye area after using this miracle working cream. My under eyes are tighter, brighter, and more hydrated than they have ever been. Apply this cream in a patting motion on the under eye and into the brows. This product runs for $65.

My Unready Routine

Since discovering these products, they have been the saving grace for my skin. I always say that we date our makeup and marry our skincare, because once we find incredible products that truly work and heal our skin, we are smitten! Before trying out anything new, be sure to consult with a professional on what is right for you. I would also like to mention that I am not a paid advertiser for Merle Norman Cosmetics or Drunk Elephant Skincare. As I am an employee for Merle Norman Cosmetics, I am a firm believer in our skincare. I will never testify for a product if I truly didn’t not find personal results, or believe in its integrity.

Thank you guys so much for sticking around and for reading! I encourage you to find give these produce a try if they are suitable for you. Then, let me know how they have worked for you! I would love to hear your stories, accomplishments, comments, and more. Now go forth and prosper, for flawless skin is destined to be in your grasp!

Happy Skin-Caring!


Visit a Merle Norman Cosmetics studio near you. This brand is only sold in store. Or if you are interested in purchasing from my store, please personally contact me!

Drunk Elephant can be found on site, in Sephora stores and You can also possibly find it in any sort of local natural cosmetic vendor.

Cotton pads used are Intrinsics Naturally 200 count 2×4 squares. Found online or at CosmoProf locations.


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