The beauty bargain of the year is located on the set of Modern Family.

Jessica Elbaum, who has worked with the ABC hit show for the past six seasons, revealed to E! News her must-have product: “[Hask] makes a dry shampoo that is amazing, that I really truly love, and it’s cheap,” she shared over the phone. “The coconut one is my favorite. It smells so good. It’s a really good drugstore find.”

When the show is shooting, the celeb hairstylist works with Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler Furguson and other cast members (with one additional hairstylist) for more than 12 hours each day, making sure that their flyaways are laid and their hair remains voluminous. She keeps them camera-ready at all times.

Hask Dry Shampoo Coconut Oil, $7.99

The Hask Dry Shampoo helps her give new life to oily hair without having to take the time to wash, condition and blow dry—a time-consuming practice when you have a full cast to attend to. It features ultra-fine rice starch that removes excess oil, resulting in camera-ready, bouncy hair with a tropical scent that she says, “Everyone loves.”