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Kiko Jelly Jungle Summer 2018 Featuring an Exotically Peachy Eyeshadow Palette

Summer is the only time of year I drink iced coffee. Every year, I make the switch as soon as weather hits 70 degrees. For some reason cold brew is inexplicably more expensive than a regular old cup of coffee, so my daily caffeine habit costs a lot more in the summer than it does the rest of the year.

Spending more money on cold brew, along with fancy avocado toast, is probably one of the many reasons that I’m a millennial that’ll never own a home, and it also means that I have to cut back in other areas, like splurging on all of the new makeup products that my favorite brands have launched for the summer.

Luckily for my bank account, there are massive amounts of new, affordable drugstore products to stock up on, too. Just how cheap are we talking? Think $15 and under. CoverGirl’s transfer-proof matte foundation is going to be my go-to on humid, sweaty days, and the Burt’s Bees’ velvety berry liquid lipstick is what I’m going to choose when I insist on wearing bright lipstick in 100 degree weather.

Whether you have a spare $7 or $15 to spend, these are the best new drugstore makeup products to buy for summer 2018.