1. A little more goes a long way.

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On your wedding day, you can scrap the line “less is more”. Why? On your big day, the camera will be following you everywhere you go and might blow you out in photos. This is why putting on a little more makeup will do you more good than harm. The camera, plus the lights, will do a number on your makeup. You don’t want to look washed out in your photos, ladies, so don’t be afraid to put on that full face.

2. Prep your face properly

Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks | Makeup Tutorials http://makeuptutorials.com/wedding-makeup-tips

Again, your wedding day will be a day-long event and your makeup should be able to last until the last minute of the celebration. Hence, prepping your face before applying makeup is crucial to the lasting effect of your look. Use a face primer, an eyeshadow primer and a lip primer (you can’t be too safe on your wedding day!). Not only will primers help your makeup last longer, they’ll also smooth your face out by filling in fine lines and pores.

3. Use the appropriate concealers

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