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Image copyright: Vivian Tse

Sit down and prepare for the new beauty transformation. One of the biggest players on the international beauty scene is taking over. South Korea posses the best BB cream to snail slime to sheet masks, with one word have the certain trends. Korean experts have taken the world’s cosmetics aisles by storm.

On the following video you will see the beauty blogger explaining the straight eyebrows. It lead us to the process of transforming our power arches into soft, straight-across brows that add youthfulness to the face. By carefully shaping individual hairs and minimizing sharp angles with concealer, she tackles the trend in a way that’s easy for anyone to follow. Ready to set your brows straight? Grab the supplies below and click on the video to see the tutorial.


To achieve this straight eyebrows you will need the following items:

  • A fine-tipped brow pencil (I’m a big fan of IT Cosmetics Brow Power)
  • Brow powder (like Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder)
  • Brow gel or pomade (Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel is a staff favorite)
  • A short, flat brush (RAEview uses Brush 21 from The Wayne Goss Brow Set)
  • A double-ended brow comb (RAEview uses Brush 22 from The Wayne Goss Brow Set)
  • A spoolie (RAEview uses Brush 23 from The Wayne Goss Brow Set)
  • A full-coverage concealer (like Cover FX Cream Concealer)