I am not a huge fan of Snapchat, to be honest. I’m more of an Instagram kind of girl. However, I have to say I super love their filters. Aren’t they fun? My kids and I love to mess with them. I like them so much I’ve got not just one but two personal tutorials, which I included in this list. So . . . without further ado, I’m giving you these:

1. Lips On Eyes Filter

This isn’t exactly cute – it’s a bit gross and scary actually – but it’s super fun! It’s a way to nicely troll friends and family and take your makeup and look creativity to a whole new level. It’s very easy to do too. In fact, you can do this in less than 20 minutes! Want to see how this is done?

2. Rainbow Filter

This is one of the Snapchat filter tutorials I did with a friend, and we have an awesome time doing it. Personally, I love the rainbow filter. It’s one of my favorites. This takes some time and a more comprehensive makeup arsenal. Doing the rainbow itself can be tricky as well, but making yourself a true-blue copycat of the filter makes it worth your time and effort

Rainbow | Cutest Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials You Should Definitely Try

3. Butterfly Babe Filter

Enough with the floral crown! Let’s make those golden butterflies into a reality! More than the butterflies, I adore the makeup. It’s one of the amazing everyday looks you can copy, but for the sake of broadening your imagination, why don’t you make your lips sparkle too?

Butterfly Babe | Cutest Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials You Should Definitely Try

image via mypaleskin